• Add Google Analytics to WordPress

    This SOP will help you or a freelancer add Google Analytics to a WordPress hosted site. One of the most important reasons to do this is in order to measure your website traffic and other useful statistics. Although at first, the data you see in Google Analytics may seem small and insignificant, you can track even the smallest of increases in traffic and the source, which may well help you strategize for the future.

    What’s nice about Google Analytics is that it’s free and all you need to get started is a Gmail account. Setting up Google Analytics on your site should be done sooner rather than later as you’ll have more data to look at in the long run (which is a good thing!). Google Analytics can’t look back in time, so adding Google Analytics to your site should be one of the first things you consider doing.

    Even on its most basic level, it’s extremely useful, and kind of cool, to see increases in visitors to your site and to see which posts and pages are the most successful. Adding Google Analytics to your website is also essential to set goals, both short and long term, for your site and company, whether it be measuring monthly traffic or assessing which social media platform has been the most successful.

    The data that Google Analytics is tracking can also help you make changes to your website and to your marketing strategy. You can see realtime details, such as who is on your site and where they are in the world, which may help you market your products and content to a specific set of customers. It’s really amazing to see how your users behave on your site, especially once you learn more about Google Analytics and all its features, including the Behaviour flow, which shows how visitors move from one page to the next on your site.

    One of my favourite sections of Google Analytics is the ‘Acquisition’ dashboard, which shows you where all users are coming from. So for example, you can tell whether they found your site organically through a search engine, from your social media accounts or were referred from another website. You will be able to see from your social media referrals how successful your social media campaigns are or which platform you should focus your efforts on. Your outreach campaigns can also be measured by viewing the links in the referral section.

    Don’t forget to set up some goals that can track how your customers are using your site. Google Analytics now has templates that really make setting goals easier. The templates set up goals for revenue, acquisition, inquiry and engagement. If none of these templates fit a goal you want to measure, you can still create a ‘custom’ goal.

    Although Google Analytics has A LOT of advanced features, you can get to grips with them over time. There are plenty of blogs that teach about the great ways you can use Google Analytics, as well as online courses on Lynda and Udemy.

    Setting up a Google Analytics account is free and although integrating your Google Analytics account with your WordPress site is not too time consuming, there is code involved and so you may want to have someone with coding experience carry out this task for you. 

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