Set up a Pre-Launch Landing Page

Follow these six simple steps to set up a pre-launch landing page and showcase your future products.



A pre-launch site is a single web page that can easily be set up on your purchased domain  before your website is complete. Although this may seem like additional work, there are several good reasons why you might want to create a pre-launch landing page.

If you’re creating a niche site, presumably you have already done some keyword research to find your specific keyword. In which case there’s a good chance that your keyword has high-level of traffic. This means that many people are already searching for the specific content you will deliver once your site is live.

If, like many of us, you’re creating a niche site in your spare time as an additional form of revenue to your day job, then it might take you some time to set up your site in the way that you would like it to be, not to mention creating your valuable content. Having a pre-launch landing page will allow your customers to see that your site will be up and running soon.


Once you have chosen your domain name, you might already start talking to your friends and colleagues about your project. Having the pre-launch page available shows that you are actively working on your site, and this allows you to start spreading the word about your site, instead of sending people to a blank page.

You may also have used keyword research to select your domain name, in which case, the sooner you get your domain indexed in Google the better. Google tends to put a lot of emphasis on the age of a site in order to create trust, so you don’t want to waste this time, while you’re working on the final version of your website.

If you begin to get traffic at your site during this time, you can create an email capture in order to start forming your email list for the future. This is a good indicator that your site, and the content on it, is what people are looking for and are interested in your niche subject. If you really want to entice your customers, you can always offer them a PDF, or short eBook to provide them a glimpse into your future products and content.

Don’t panic if you don’t receive a lot of traffic during this time, without content and time, it will take time for your website to rank in Google, highly or otherwise.

You might be surprised that people stumble across your site organically. You can start checking Google Analytics and see which keywords people are using to find you in Google. To see keywords in Google Analytics, you first need to connect your site with Google Webmaster Tools. Viewing your search keywords can help you create your final site and content, by giving you insights into what your audience is looking for that they are unable to find elsewhere.

While it’s not the end of the world if you don’t create a pre-launch landing page while you work on your final content and the structure and design of your site, you may be wasting a good opportunity, especially when setting up a landing page will only take a few minutes.
By following our SOP to setup your pre-launch page on your WordPress site, you can create a clean and simple pre-launch page to get your customers excited about your products and your site.