Create Show Notes for Your Podcast

Using this copy and paste template


Podcasts are a brilliant way for us to educate others on a myriad of subjects. There are topics ranging from general music and film to more niche subjects such as Greek mythology or like our very own podcast about China.

Podcasts help us consume a large amount of information when we don’t have time to sit down and read a 4000 blog post or watch a 30-minute video on a specific subject.

Although podcasts aren’t for everyone, they are continuing to grow in popularity for both listeners and creators.

If you’re new to the podcasting scene you’ve probably already got the basics down and now need to create some sharp show notes for your first episode!

But first…


One of the great things about podcasts is that, unlike radio, you can access a podcast episode as many times as you like whenever you want. They’re the perfect medium to enjoy whilst completing a chore such as washing up or commuting.

I LOVE podcasts. But I have to be honest, there are times when I zone out, and before I know it I’ve totally lost the plot or the conversation. Obviously, you can rewind and listen to the part you just missed, but sometimes we don’t have the time or the inclination.

This is where podcast show notes save the day (and time)! Show notes are good for both the podcast creators and the listeners. Listeners can check the notes for sections they may have missed, as well as to find links to products and sites. Podcast creators can use podcast show notes as part of their marketing. WIN-WIN!

Of course, they should not only be enjoyable to listen to but can also be used for marketing purposes. Many podcasters begin creating their podcast because they have a love for a particular subject, but as they become more successful, they begin to advertise for various companies during the running time of their podcast.

One of the biggest reasons why people enjoy podcasts so much is that they are more accessible than other content formats, and can be listened to on the go. For this reason, when you mention a sponsor, website or any other resource that your listeners may be interested in, it’s unlikely they can just drop everything to write down the name or link. This is why many podcasters produce show notes. This isn’t usually a transcript of the episode, although some podcasters offer them as additional content on their website, just a brief summary of content touched on within the episode. It’s also a good opportunity to add the names of companies discussed in the show and allow your guests to include a website link and social media handles. 

There have definitely been several occasions where I’ve relistened to a podcast just to get 20% off a box of exotic meats and get a trial month of an educational video streaming site. It would have been great to have been able to just check out their episode show notes on my phone instead of trawling through an hour of content I’ve already listened to. But maybe that’s the price you have to pay for cured venison…

Don’t forget that your podcast show notes can be valuable pieces of content for your website. Consider SEO when choosing your title, and include keywords when writing your notes. If you have other existing related content on your website, link back to it in your show notes.

Additionally, your podcast episodes might inspire you to write other blog posts on that particular theme!

Although podcast show notes can be extremely beneficial for both your listeners and your marketing, you don’t need to spend hours and hours creating it. After all, they are just notes. You can make it even easier on yourself by following the same template for every episode you publish.


There aren’t any ‘rules’ when it comes to podcast show notes; some podcasters only include a snippet of the show as a teaser, whilst others include a brief outline of the content included in the episode, as well as Patreon and advertisement links, and social handles. One of my favourite podcasts also includes a timestamp for the ‘spoiler-free’ section of their episodes, which I think is great podcasting etiquette for review-type episodes.

One of the most important things to bear in mind regardless of what you include in your show notes is to keep it clear and simple.


Podcast show notes are usually pulled from a website via RSS to podcast players such as Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Podbean. Your notes and links are displayed in a similar format as your site, so your original podcast notes should be formatted and easy to read.

Keeping your podcast show notes short, sweet and easily scannable will make it far easier for your listeners to find the content they want. Use bullet points to list the more memorable parts of your podcast. You may even want to add timestamps so that users can go back to the episode and re-listen to a particular section. If you have advertisements, you want to make sure that those links can be found easily within your show notes. It’s also common courtesy to make sure your listeners know a link is an affiliate or advertisement before clicking on it. It’s better to be open about if you’re gaining financially from a link and whether you have personally tried the products of a company who sponsor you. Your listeners will be more likely to click through if they know you value the products you’re recommending.

Since you can add links back to your website, feel free to add images and references to your podcast post. Although these won’t show in your podcast player, adding images to your episode will help contextualise your podcast content, especially if you’re referring to something particularly visual. If you have a guest on the podcast, you may want to help your listeners put a face to the voice boosting your podcast’s engagement and won’t hurt your guest’s promotional links either.

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