Create Show Notes for Your Podcast

Using this copy and paste template


Podcasts are a brilliant way for us to educate others on a myriad of subjects. There are topics ranging from general music and film to more niche subjects such as Greek mythology or like our very own podcast about China.

Of course, they should not only be enjoyable to listen to, but can also be used for marketing purposes. Many podcasters begin creating their podcast because they have a love for that particular subject, but as they become more successful, they begin to advertise for various companies during the running time of their podcast.

One of the great things about podcasts is that, unlike radio, you can pause, rewind and re-listen to a podcast episode as many times as you like. You don’t have to have access to the radio at a certain time when the show airs, but will be served podcasts that you have subscribed to once they have been published via your mobile or RSS feed.


The main reason that people enjoy podcasts is that they are more accessible than other content formats, and can be listened to on the go. For this reason, when you mention a sponsor, website or any other resource that your listeners may be interested in, it’s unlikely they can just drop everything to write down the name or link. This is why many podcasters produce show notes. This is not usually a transcript of the episode, although some podcasts also have these, just a brief summary of content touched on within the podcast and where companies and guests who are mentioned in your episode can be listed and linked to.

Your podcast show notes will also be pulled from your website via RSS to podcast players such as iTunes, Stitcher and Podbean. Your notes and links are displayed in a similar format as your site, so your original podcast notes should be formatted and easy to read.


Podcast show notes can be extremely beneficial for both your listeners and your website SEO, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend hours and hours on this content, after all, the whole point of a podcast is to be listened to whilst out and about. That’s why you can easily follow a template, and have the podcast show notes format be the same for every podcast episode you publish.

As we’ve mentioned before, a podcast is easily consumed, and so should it’s show notes. Keeping your podcast show notes short, sweet and easily scannable will make it far easier for your listeners to find the content they want. Use bullet points to list the more memorable points of your podcast. You may even want to add timestamps, so that users can go back to the episode and re-listen to a particular section. If you have affiliates, you want to make sure that those links can be found easily within your show notes. It’s also common courtesy to make sure your listeners know a link is an affiliate before clicking on it. It’s better to be open about whether you’re gaining financially from a link and whether you have personally tried the products of a company who sponsor you. Your listeners will be more likely to click through if they know you value the products you’re recommending.

Although it’s not necessary, adding images to your podcast will help contextualise your podcast content, especially if you’re referring to something particularly visual. If you have a guest on the podcast, you may want to help your listeners put a face to the voice that they’ve heard which will help with your podcast’s engagement and won’t hurt your guest’s promotional links either.

Having images can also help your podcast page stand out more and can also be shared on social media platforms, which in turn will help spread the word about your podcast.

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