Welcome to our SOP Templates Resources Page!

This is a list of tools and online resources that we use to build and create content for SOP Templates and our other projects. We have tried and tested everything on the list, and highly recommend them!

Some of the products below also include affiliate links. That means if you click a product link below and then purchase the product, we will take a small commission (don’t worry, it’s no extra cost to you!).

Tools We Use


We use WP Engine to host our WordPress sites. They have an excellent support service available 24/7 that we have used for SOP Templates and our other projects. We rely on their automatic backup service as well as resources to help you set up your site, improve site functionality and security.


Deposit Photos

We get our graphics for our featured images from The package deals for images are money well spent for great quality photos and graphics that can be used on your website and for social.  



LastPass not only keeps all your passwords safe and organized, but allows you to share your passwords with freelancers without becoming compromised. We both use LastPass for business and our personal lives, because who has time to remember all those passwords!